Forced Fate

By Lars Hindsley You epitomize why I should try The main thing is you want me Keep electing a wider view Keep praying this dream comes true I’ll keep forcing my fate with you Drawing near You’re selecting This heart’s …

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Starts The Sigh

By Lars Hindsley So this is how it starts again Right past the tentative Just past the refrain Yet pass me by you won’t see me again Chances they trifle Trifle by Sing to the greeting Stop with a sigh …

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Seek No Solace

By Lars Hindsley Seek no solace, it’s your furthest friend. Seek no solace as a means to an end, find your edge, take control again. Seek no solace, no man’s land. Unrequited logic, phantom fears, believe in your wisdom it …

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Roses Are Red

By Lars Hindsley It’s fast and it’s furiousHurts the way it shouldFind em hiding in the cornersPain someone else once tookIf you worked at love much harderThey’re putting pepper on the ballThe working waves of passionThe weight of it all… …

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