Your Words Define You

WORDS ARE PART OF FIRST IMPRESSIONS Who you are is defined by your words. The ones you think and speak. Your words leave more than an impression on others. Your words have meaning internally. You gather your own self-worth from …

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Lars Hindsley offers wisdom in words.

Real Men

IS THERE SUCH A THING? Yes. Strength, character, and Wisdom. Great start. Table your emotions. Relegate your pride.  A real man’s strength comes from within. Unless you find that one true friend for life, and even then you need to …

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Lars Hindsley writes about men

It Takes Years Of Training To Fight One Day

90 PERCENT PLANNING. I played semi-pro football once. Our playbook had a theme. Ninety percent planning. Ten Percent effort.  When you use something for months, it sticks with you for years. I’ve always remembered the point. 

The Value Of Words

WHAT ARE YOUR WORDS WORTH? Words have the power to both destroy and heal. When words are both true and kind, they can change our world.— Buddha It’s funny I remember someone once telling me, “I said it because it’s …

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