SEO Batch Writing

SEO SME batch writing, Say that three times fast.

Does Research Lead To Becoming an SME?

I spend over eight hours writing any article regardless of subject unless it’s a true pop culture puff piece. Even those end up taking me down a rabbit hole. This leads to my point in writing. When you write an article on any one subject, it leads you down many roads to which you must carefully travel. Or perhaps it is better said that you must be careful how far down you allow yourself to travel.

Research Articles Are Onions

Writing a research article is like peeling back the layers of an onion. You become a subject matter expert by the time you are done.  If you are lucky you already know the the subject matter. If you don’t know the subject matter you localize fast. There’s a byproduct of those layers you peeled back — those new roads you wandered down are articles to themselves. 

Many are learning this as a technique in SEO. It’s called batch writing. In truth it’s a natural phenomenon. It’s a matter of efficiency too. 

The Art of Efficiency

Perhaps it’s to the benefit of those who are riddled with attention deficit disorder, or those who are so well organized that a larger picture across the landscape emerges. Either way, seeing a common thread of related material is an art few master. Maybe it all starts with simply being aware this mental model should be implemented. 

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