Lars Hindsley is a digital marketing executive at DM Media, writer, and author.

Are Opinions No Longer Allowed?

got an opinion? great! keep it to yourself. Opinions are no longer allowed. For instance, I can’t give you an example.  To stress the importance of this point, this article has no more to say.

Opinions are no longer allowed. For instance, I can't give you an example.

Your Words Define You

WORDS ARE PART OF FIRST IMPRESSIONS Who you are is defined by your words. The ones you think and speak. Your words leave more than an impression on others. Your words have meaning internally. You gather your own self-worth from …

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Stock Advice. Not.

DON’T LOOK TO ME FOR STOCK TIPS. If you’re interested in knowing what stocks I play with, I can answer that. LiDar.  While everyone was spitting up blood in 2020, I had money coming in. I paid my bills, erased …

Stock Advice. Not. FULL TEXT »

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