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Tactical Tech Savvy Social Media Promotional Powerhouse

Lars Hindsley’s knack for finding unique cost-effective tools in brand promotion is uncanny.

A foundation of sales experience provided him the opportunity as VP of Marketing for a regional Internet Services Provider where he quickly established a dealer network and propelled annual revenue from $100,000 a year to over $1,000,000.00.  A competitor scooped him up to produce similar results. Realizing his ability he then successfully lead and operated his own small business for 7 years.

Lars provides an exceptional level of analytical skills to all his work, from writing, brand protection, customer care, and leadership roles. He has since worked as an independent consultant and marketer to past and new clients through DM Media.

Marketing and promotion have made way into Lars personal endeavors. After playing in the sport of paintball at a competitive level, he began to produce infotainment YouTube videos for the larger market of beginner and recreational players.

An impressionable worldwide audience has followed Lars for years. He is a well-compensated promotional athlete in the industry and paid to provide marketing advice and promotional services to global paintball businesses. Lars has major sponsors backing his highly recognizable brand, DangerMan.

As a highly research-oriented writer, Lars has leveraged the DangerMan brand launching a full-service digital magazine. His personal mastery over visual and written SEO produced quick results in keyword authority. Lars 15 years of content development and writing experience is also put to work mentoring and guiding 9 contributing writers. The project is a mere aside, yet produces passive income through advertising and affiliate sales.

If you need a creative analytical thinker with leadership skills and yet has self-sufficiency when it’s crunch time, you need Lars Hindsley.

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Self-sufficient in web application production and capable of generating end-to-end content.

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Skill Sets

A Few Transferrable Skills

Content Management

Creativity is the name of the game. No technical ability in design or creation is worth a penny without an exceptionally creative mind. Lars can create on-message content with lightning-quick precision.

An expert in information architecture, photoshop, and modern SaaS tools such as WordPress, Lars has been a part of 100’s of web application initiatives.

No part of a project is alien. Lars has operated as a project manager, art director, and producer. He’s estimated hours in building databases to building graphics and writing SEO copy.

Nothing is unusual, from rebuilding a radio station school and business closing database during snow events to pre-building a worldwide charity drive, unique requirements are expected.

Social Media

Near 10 years experience in social media means much more than posting campaigns in Hootsuite.

As serious as any SEO campaign, social media efforts are measured in specific metrics in analyzing all aspects of each campaign to build on future campaigns.  New initiatives and remarketing leverage previous event knowledge based on past documented results and outcomes.

Social media is a special blend of many skills. Few encompass the many skills Lars has established to serve this special area of need many businesses have yet to fully grasp in importance. Social media is branding, promotion,, sales, analytics and more.

Project Development

With over 100 projects completed, Lars utilizes the latest project leader tools such as the Agile method. He’s currently studying and training for the PMBOK exam for PMP certification.

As a previous business owner, the needs of shareholders couldn’t be more cared for as when it is your own money. While many past internal projects required tens of thousands of dollars in upfront costs, Lars had never once been required to go beyond cash reserves. In 7 years, his business never once tapped into the company line-of-credit to complete projects.

Lars is currently project manager and producer of a major east coast sporting event with an estimated budget of $30,000.00.

IP & Brand Protection

Understanding the vital importance of the brand is the foundation from which Lars operates. Be it a large corporation to an individual, your brand is your lifeblood in the Internet era.

Intellectual Property now makes up 35 percent of the world economy. Lars established contacts in the domain name and hosting industry allow him to work nimbly to assist in IP facilitating take-down requests on behalf of clients.

When working to promote a product, event or sales funnel, brand promotion is cared for. Every campaign leverages and builds brand recognition based on your companies internal and external philosophies.


Lars knowledge of Photoshop is only part of the equation. Lars has been trained and mentored by Jarrett Heather, a recognized world leader in graphic design and advertising.

This allows Lars to operate independently of some traditional requirements in production freeing him from time constraints most others need while waiting on the graphic artist to produce mock-ups or even minor changes to ad copy, or digital campaigns.

Lars popular infotainment YouTube channel has over 500 videos produced resulting in over 40,000 subscribers to date with 14 million views and climbing.

Over ten years of experience producing and editing videos.

An early adopter of new mediums including immersive 360 / VR.

Live broadcast experience includes being a primary camera position on over 200 TedX talks.

SEO Writer

Lars foundation of SEO began as a website designer. During that time his interest in writing established a  deep background touching almost every category of client needs. White papers, to SEO content marketing, Lars has operated as contributing writer for digital magazines and contributor to weekly Internet-based TV shows.

SEO is written into every article and visual production. For over 10 years, SEO has been the main target of anything produced in every medium, including audible podcasting.

Written work for SEO is always written to fit into campaigns with long term consideration. Lars has established keyword authority to dominate industries.


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SEO Analyst | Sr Content Manager | Social Media Manager

Expert content manager, producing hundreds of SEO friendly initiatives over ten years. I offer a rare combination of digital marketing talent across three verticals: SEO strategy, Content Management and Social Media Management.

Self-Sufficient Producer Capable of Generating End-to-End ContentAre you looking for a savvy SEO specailist self-sufficient in content creation including composite images and video production! Tired of waiting for cross-performance teams to cross-perform in a timely manner?

My expanded skill set is as good as hiring two employees for the price of one. SEO Analyst & Content Manager with an extra helping of social media management!

My expanded production skills are an important component to my value. I offer ten years of ad design, copywriting and business acumen capable in CMS/HTML/graphics in digital design, layout of print collateral and full video production.

From site audits and SEO analysis in SEMrush, down to Google Tag Manager, you will get more than a content manager.


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Project Manager

I manage multiple internal and external SEO and content development projects. I operate in a cross-functional role for this small agency focused on SEO placement. We migrate client sites to WordPress and manage SEO content. 2008/January: Digital Marketing Rep. 2012/July: Content Manager/Social Media Manager. 2017/May:  Sr Content Manager/SEO Specialist. 


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