Welcome to the personal website of Lars Hindsley. Many know me as DangerMan from social media outlets like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

My career in creative business endeavors includes VP of Marketing to private project and freelance Cinematographer. Very little evades my ability to produce.

I’m certain my passion as a creative writer has been the reason for such business success in branding, promotion and content marketing.

My creative drive has pushed me into expanding mediums emerging through tech. The secret? Love; Love for the product, belief in its purpose and having your heart in the right place in building that dream.


What’s New

Paintball.media Magazine FeaturePAINTBALL.media

The June 2018 issue of Paintball.media (digital edition) is out and yours truly has a feature article. My article 10 Things You Don’t Do In Paintball is featured on pages 144 through 151.  You can read it online or download the .pdf to read on your kindle or tablet.

Paintball Instructional

Not One, but Two Contests!

Not one but two new contests! DangerMan has partnered with both Outdoor Xtreme and Dye Precision to bring you two paintball contests.

From Outdoor Xtreme
Team Buddies

It’s a contest drawing where not just one person wins, but two! The prize package offers the winner a free scenario game entry and one for a friend. As if that wasn’t enough, the winner also gets a full case of paint (2000 paintballs), as does the friend. That’s two admissions and two cases of paint valued at almost $200.

How does it work?

Send DangerMan an Instagram or Twitter follower and that referral turns into a contest entry. Of course there are details and rules. Just visit DangerMansLair.com/TeamBuddies. The drawing will be processed through Random.org to insure transparency.

From Dye Precision
Paintball Prodigy

Unlike TeamBuddies, this contest is not regionally specific. You can be anywhere and win. What is this contest prize? A Dye paintball mask. The Axis Pro.

How does it work?

Come up with a HOW TO paintball video idea that DangerMan selects and you’ll win an Axis Pro paintball mask valued at $100. This contest will take place every two months, so if you don’t win the first time, try again!

Learn more at DangerMansLair.com/PaintballProdigy


Lars Hindsley Byline Bio

I’m Lars. I’m a writer at heart. While I enjoy working with my hands and doing everything from playing outdoors to sewing my own clothes, my greatest passion is writing. I enjoy words. Mostly philosophical, but even pop culture holds my interest.

I’ve enjoyed writing in an effort to change minds to see things through clear new eyes.

As a front of a band in my youth I’ve rewritten many of my own poems into  lyrics for songs that have been recorded. Still my greatest achievement is my novel, Aeroplane City. There is always more to come as the journey is the reward but it truly satisfying to build a world in which my characters live. In fact, Aeroplane City itself is a character. I did say in so many words I love to build things.

Published articles are all over. Here is a link to one the Huffington Post Picked Up: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/11/24/demi-moores-photoshopped_n_369057.html


How to Turn a $100,000 a Year Business into a $1,000,000 a Year Business

It was as some will say, the early days of the Internet. Email was then spelled E-mail. Modems and tube monitors were everywhere. Phones could hardly text. Delaware is an island in greater metropolitan business community. Looking for work in Delaware amounts to searching the “greater Philadelphia market”.  Finding great employment near home was my goal. I responded …


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