SUMMARY | the fun side & the serious side

Lars Hindsley is a digital marketer with a broad skill set that includes writing, analysis, project management, and creative development. He has built websites, produced videos, written articles, and ad copy, and created composite graphics. Just shy of a unicorn, he’s virtually autonomous in managing a web development project to a brand campaign.

As a brand ambassador, Lars has appeared on CNN, FOX, and local network affiliates, CBS, and NBC as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in both the digital landscape and brand influence. In 2013 he was flown to Los Angeles to appear on TruTV.

PERSONAL BRIEF | the fun side

Lars Hindsley is a single full-time father of two sons, Declan & Dalton. Raised in a suburb in the East. Lars is a prototypical self-made man.

He wrote his first story (a fan-fiction) at the age of ten (10). Lars combined lead characters of various sci-fi films where Darth Vader of Star Wars met Logan of Logan’s Run.

Lars excelled in English during high school writing for the school paper. 

Once during his junior year he was home ill from school for over a week. He returned to a pop spelling quiz in English class and received a 100 percent. His teacher Mrs. Rossiter stated directly as she handed him back his paper, “I’d swear you cheated but your desk is right in front of mine.”

In his mid-twenties Lars formed a band with his best friend (Guitarist Keith Wright) and became the frontman for a five-member band, Hard To Get. It was at this time he penned lyrics for songs such as Seek No Solace and Forced Fate.

Lars has many athletic pursuits. From softball (left-center field) and semi-pro football (defensive back) to disc golf, martial arts (Shaolin Wushu), fencing, paintball, and inline skating (certified instructor).

Volunteering endeavors are important. From appearing annually as Batman (and Spider-Man) for the kids during Free Comic Book Day (Every First Saturday in May) to volunteering at Christiana Care (Hospital) and The American Red Cross. 

He coached his son’s little league team while serving on the Canal Little League Board of Directors.

2013 TruTV Appearance


BUSINESS HISTORY | the serious side

Lars took to technical sales right out of high school winning salesman of the month and year along with awards and trips to Bermuda and Bahamas.

He was awarded his first opportunity in a leadership role as VP of Marketing for The Magnetic Page (ISP). Lars took Magpage from a 100,000 a year ISP to a 1 million dollar a year operation inside one year by building and managing a bifurcated dealer network that included both brick and mortar business and advertising agencies in various forms.

Eventually, Lars launched a small design firm of his own, SpyProductions. The business model was built on three profit centers, monthly revenue, annual revenue, and large margin design jobs. SpyProductions earned an average of 240k to 270k annual revenue for seven years until a family divorce.

Lars focused on being a full-time father after winning custody of his sons. He began writing in earnest during this time across many subjects for online publications. His work includes artist interviews, SME interviews, research articles, investigative articles, listicles, SEO oriented content to guidebooks, and a novel in the works.

Semi-retirement resulted in maintaining many business relationships while building his visual SEO brand, DangerMan.

Consequently, Lars returned to work with his own digital marketing agency as his sons grew, requiring less hands-on attention.

This lead to working with amazing companies large and small.

Most everyone has a hobby. Lars has a few. One he enjoys is breeding Bengal cats

SKILLS overview | where fun & serious collide

Lars gained business management expertise while managing small companies and businesses over 10 years. He’s accumulated 15 years of experience managing projects.


If it runs on a PC, Lars can operate it. From standard PC apps by Microsoft to basic networking.  He’s worked in almost every application in the Adobe Suite along with the various Google Suite applications. He has basic skills in UNIX, web server configuration (not simple FTP), and DNS management. If it’s not obvious, he’s well-tuned to all things WordPress including all the builders — primarily Elementor and its complex relationship with Astra.


Lars learns with purpose, but sometimes you have to prove yourself. He’s earned various certifications in SEMrush and Google Analytics, but those are not the reasons he’s an exceptional SEO analyst. As for what that secret it is, he ain’t tellin’ — but his resume will prove him out.

His expertise in visual SEO is proven through his popular YouTube channel. His DangerMan brand has over 50,000 subscribers, averaging 1/2 million to 1 million monthly evergreen views.


He tends to collect interests as he does skills. A part time author. A full-time father. A hobbyist Bengal breeder. He sews! Fortunately, he doesn’t have to turn in his man card yet as he’s constantly tiling, drywalling, painting, and running wiring in his home. 

inline skating

60-100 skaters, 12 miles downtown Philadelphia & Manhattan

shaolin wushu

If it was good enough for Bruce Lee, it's good enough for me.

disc golf

Don't call them frisbees, please.


2015 Woodsball World Cup 5 Man Division Champion & MVP


Epee. Maybe Sabre Someday.



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