Tinder’s 2021 Requirement: The Creative BIO Ice Breaker or WAP | My Real Curated Examples

At least a dating profile bio can't ghost you.


A personal tragedy with my fiance in 2018 left me single. After a healing process, blah, blah, blah, it became time to date. Tinder was suggested as pivoting from a hook-up site to long-term. I learned the ropes etc… But I saw a change occur. Pick-up lines pivoted to something more akin to value propositions in a resume. 

You decide. They are not quite a value proposition, or pick-up line.  I best describe the Tinder opening statement is a BIO ice-breaker that demonstrates your wit and personality. It’s definitely a generational thing. As age goes up, daring creativity evaporates to zero.


I didn’t want a deep-dive, so I ran a search on articles. Here are a few that made news.


What did I come up with? First, allow me to point out, I didn’t cull the Internet. I work in ad copy. I’m a creative writer. I better damn well have something of my own. Right?  I think I definitely walked right up to the line on mine.

My idea of a perfect date? When I don't need the rope & duct tape.


If you can’t tell, I’m a notorious smart-ass on Tinder if you leave an opening. No, I’m not rude. I’m definitely not behaving passive aggressive. I’m honestly just enjoying myself playing with words. 

One sticks out just today. A profile of a young lady named, Jennifer. She went on about how you could call her Jenny, JenJen, Jennifer, Jens, J, JJ, anything but Jen. Her unusual secret was that she has never drank coffee. I instantly sent a LIKE with, “Hey Jen, let’s grab a coffee!” Now. A smart lady will realize, This guy actually read my profile.  

Before you think I left it that, I did actually following up explaining I was being playful and was in fact demonstrating I read her profile. This also illustrates the point that on Tinder, you need to bring it. You need to be bold enough to get attention because women are flooded with LIKES and if she’s talking to you, she’s talking to five other men. This is why men get ghosted. Women just don’t have the bandwidth to deal with a numerous men without ignoring some or most.

I know this to be true because I’ve made great friends with women on Tinder and we end up pulling out our phones and sharing perspectives of how the other side deals. 

Honestly, I’m over Tinder, I miss what I once had when I was in something I believed in. Tinder is a great distraction from work when work needs a creativity break. 

sure tinder is fun. until you realize you can't just be unsingle anymore

My advice is don’t screw up your relationship.

And this part I’m serious about. Online dating is really only for people who have the time to not take it seriously. 

Yes! Double oxymorons!

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