Stock Advice. Not.


If you’re interested in knowing what stocks I play with, I can answer that. LiDar. 

While everyone was spitting up blood in 2020, I had money coming in. I paid my bills, erased my debt, traveled, and expanded my skill set. Yeah, 2020 was damn good. I didn’t catch COVID either. 

What I did catch was the stock bug. What else are you going to do with extra cash? 

Sure you can go with bitcoin. I’ve done that too. 

But LiDar is a great vertical to play in. I’ve been deep-diving into what LiDar is and I can tell you. Wow. Just like the fax machine, then cell phones, then the Internet, this one is a great industry that will blow up real soon. By 2025 it will be a household name. 

For now, I’ve been following, Luminar, Velodyne, Microvision, and even some SPACs. Don’t say you didn’t get a decent heads up. 

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