Your Tongue Is Your Enemy


Not only should you be mindful of what words you utter. Better to simply utter even less. The fewer the better. Get it down to zero. Don’t say a word and you may have a chance.

Yes. Today, words can kill you. 

If you thought sticks and stones could hurt you, words will cost you your life. 

I’ve maintained for as long as I could write words, that you should never put anything in writing that can later be used against you. Period. 

If you are dumb enough to threaten someone, whisper it. But don’t let your words be immortalized.  Better yet, keep your thoughts of disdain, anger, or latent feelings to yourself. 

There is the key. Keep feelings out of print. With that said, in the world we live today, if you are in the accepted social-political group, feelings are great. Let em rip. Lean into hyperbole.

As for me, I’m someone who has eternally attempted to see both sides of an issue. Whatever side I am on, I am careful to expose. 

The truth is words are weaponized today in ways I could not have imagined ten, even five years ago. 

At one time, I loved to tell the story of the little bird. It told a story with a great moral. Actually, it had two.  One made the point that not everyone who seems they are out to help you are what they seem to be. 

The flip side?

Not everyone who seems like they are out to hurt you, are out to hurt you. 

It’s the moral of today. It’s getting harder and hard to tell friend from foe. Keep your mouth shut. The person you trust today may burn you later. In fact, the odds are that they will. 

So be smart.

Keep your mouth shut. The words you utter are the ones that will do you in. 

Yeah, my ex-wife was an absolute wolf in sheep clothing. And when she finally showed her teeth, they were relentless. The havoc and hell, it was beyond description. But she wasn’t wrong and I took her advice early because, despite her thinking, I was a country mouse, I was the guy that when you do show your teeth, I was already waiting and prepared for that shit. 

There’s a reason I won custody. Twice. Not only was  I boy-scout in my marriage, I never let her see me coming. I kept my mouth shut. The days she was evil and pissed me off, I registered it and knew that I could forgive her, but I’d be a fool to forget. 

Here’s the twist ending. You see, she ran her mouth telling me early in marriage, “Your tongue is your enemy.” And who was the one whose words were used against them? Hers. Because I refused to give her any words she could use against me. Her tongue was her enemy.

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