Seek No Solace

By Lars Hindsley

Seek no solace, it’s your furthest friend.
Seek no solace as a means to an end,
find your edge, take control again.
Seek no solace, no man’s land.

Unrequited logic, phantom fears,
believe in your wisdom it will get you there.
Choke emotion, now or never,
the stranger inside you is dancing clever.

How can the mind decide this way?
push the character to reprove?
I’m the only image of what I see that stands tall,
what the mind sees is where it moves.

While solace is a memory you need to regret,
even though you have the answers you can still fail the test.

Systematic instinct,
heroes will notice,
take control.
Seek no solace

Reflex arrogant
crush what’s real,
the image they’ll see can’t touch what you feel
Your darkness hides your colors,
you’re the strongest color too
When you’re own darkness blinds you
Solace finds you.

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