Finishing What You Start


I know someone I was once good friends with. They always talked a good game about what they intended to do. Of course, when you are friends, you give that person space to do what they say without judging them when they don’t do what they say they will do. 

When you are no longer friends. The failures — they pile up,  they display in a new light. You wonder if someone is broken or they just don’t care?

Personally, finishing what is started is something very important. Childhood and teen years were riddled with things left incomplete. In time, it became ingrained, everything must be taken to its end. It may sit dormant, it could hit a bump along the way, but everything gets finished. 

Learning new things can be tougher, but this one is the pinnacle of all goals. If it is learning to dance, learning martial arts, learning to fence, or learning the program PYTHON, these things become important journeys. 

In the end, by witnessing this person fail at things for years, and their inability to finish became a constant reminder of how not to be. It lives with me to this day. 

We are no longer friends. But I must say, they gave me a gift. They illustrated how not to be on an incessant basis. That constant became indelible. There is no escaping the lesson. It’s a motivation. I appreciate them for the lasting effect they had on my life.

I finish everything I start.

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