Open Faced Sandwiches


Here is a tip for you bros.  Want to impress a lady with your cultured personality?  Yes, this means you may need to develop a cultured personality. To do this means you are open to new and different things. Sometimes it means subtle changes to the norm which show you are not like the average Joe. 

Take the sandwich for instance.  Do you really think something so simple can’t take on a bit of culture?  And what is more, a subtle change to the sandwich may introduce you to a whole new world of taste? 

Have you heard of open-faced sandwiches?  On a recent trip (not very recent) I learned of them. To sum them up succinctly, an open face sandwich has one, not two slices of bread, and they allow you to taste what is generally tucked inside.   Your taste buds are prohibited from enjoying all they can!

Open-faced sandwiches are common in northwestern Europe in countries such as Norway and Holland.   You can expect to find them in Paris to Vienna (Hot Antipasto, yum!).  Some regional open-faced sandwiches such as Mediterranean Open-Faced Sandwich are hard to beat.   There is also the one-time Russian favorite, Butterbrot, featuring a grey rye bread.

Speaking of Rye bread, some are toasted and if you use rye bread, but sure to heat it by toasting it a bit.  This triggers the flavor of the seeded rye bread. Broiled open-faced versions are delicious.

Another staple ingredient is the tomato. Gentlemen if you have not developed an appreciation for the tomato, you will come off as a picky eater to women. You DO NOT WANT this. Unless your aim is to run a woman off, you really need to learn to eat everything. You may be able to draw the line on snails, but from mushrooms to onions, squash, and more… you can’t turn your nose up to food or a woman will pass judgment on you as uncultured in addition to picky

I once refused to eat a type of food just to annoy, and that backfired.   If you want to be cultured, don’t play games, especially when it comes to food.

In almost every case you’ll find a wide assortment of vegetables on any open-faced sandwich recipe you find.  And again to you men out there, this is where the taste really comes out, and frankly… it is what shows any woman you are hoping to impress, your promise as a truly cultured man.

Now, I‘m not going to say open-faced sandwiches are ultimately better than closed sandwiches, you could consider that if you are dieting… it’s half the complex carbs.  It’s about 75 or so fewer calories too.  Having said this… most open-faced sandwiches are rich in sauces, cream or mayo. 

You could just stick with a Bruschetta an Italian open-faced sandwich made from dressed toasted bread.   If you desire it now… it’s garlic bread toasted with olive oil drizzled over it.  It’s been modernized with tomatoes and after you take a shortcut at the grocer and buy the diced tomatoes, try making it from scratch.    While you are at it, learn the proper way to hold a knife.   Women love men that can chop properly with a knife.  I learned it not only looks masterful; it is safer and gives you more control.

Here is one I really like, you can substitute the fish:

Here is a long list of open-faced sandwiches you can get familiar with:

Guys, when you begin your experimenting with these sandwiches and you take on broadening your horizons… don’t think about cooking for a guy.  Try to make some that do not center around meat.  I hate to sound so crass.    Women eat light.  They are not men and although we all enjoy a good sub or burger, you will not make a good impression with an open-faced sandwich if it is not light in nature.   Center your efforts around vegetable-based dishes. 

Now that I’ve forced that bad news down your throat guys… I did find a good one just for you…  (It’s a really dignified guys meal).

Perhaps the most important part of an open-faced sandwich is the bread.  I mean… guys… think of any sub shop you prefer and what is the most important part of the sub? The roll!  Use that logic when selecting bread for open-faced sandwiches.  It’s got to be fresh, aside from that, you have to choose the right bread for the right dish.   Here you should consider your recipe ingredients.     

Of course, you can make substitutions but research the recipe a bit before deviating.

While I’m advising you men, single and married in this cultural upgrade, consider the presentation.  The look of what you prepare is just as important as how it tastes when it comes to performing this task with women in mind.  Don’t merely toss this together. From the plate you select to the quality of your garnish, take serious pride in your work.  

If you are like me… get out into a chef’s kitchen and get some tips.  You are a smart man, I can’t tell you everything.  Be resourceful and you’ll learn.

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