No Good Deed Goes Unpunished


You want a good rant? Well, today you’re in for one hell of a ride. You may not even like me after this read.

Today …Well let’s just say, You’re In For It Now.

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that perhaps I’ve had it all wrong. All my life. Bad people are bad. Sticking your neck out has risks. Being nice requires that you are not naive. 

Why do they call some business people sharks? Why is it that many who thrive, are regarded as tough? Unfeeling? 

I had to inform a family member recently that when you are walking into a fight, you can imagine yourself honorable by not throwing the first punch, but if you don’t you’ll be on defense permanently thereafter. 

In fact, a few years ago I was invited to a fight. Literally. It was after a year of dealing with a girl who was truly a waste of time. The guy was telling me off, insulting me, telling me how he was going to put an end to me. All this after he had the girl. Talk about being a sore winner. Well, he finally pushed me too far and I said, “Fine. Let’s do it.” When we met to fight, I didn’t wait to talk it out. I decked him first and he complained about it after. I answered him later sarcastically. “I’m sorry, did I misunderstand? Was I invited to a talk?”

Here’s the point. The weak do more than inherit the earth. They get plowed under it. And in life, there are winners and losers. And frankly, this world re-writes history left and right. This world has a short memory. No one is going to remember if you kept the money that fell out of the armored truck or if you returned it. 

Character. Yeah. It matters, but you gotta pick your fights.

Consider this example. I was cheated on once, and she got what she wanted. She never met an ounce of accountability for her actions. None. She sure as hell never spent a second thought considering, “I hurt a good man.”  She won as far as she was concerned. And more than this, she hasn’t spent a moment feeling guilty. She took the first punch and won the battle.

Recently a friend reached out to me for help. They were put out on the street. Locked out of their home. They asked for help. Soon after I was told I shouldn’t have made any effort to help.  Yes. No good deed goes unpunished.  Live and learn. 

But that’s the key. Learn. You can toss that saying around like an orphaned sock or you can live it. Learn. Actually learn. Life is not for the weak and hard decisions are not hard when you think of them. Hard decisions are the ones you know are right but feel guilty to make. Erase the guilt and the answers are easy. 

We all know the virtues of being nice. It’s virtuous to be nice. In truth, being nice is an invitation to be attacked. Nice is weak. Nice is for losers. Nice is telegraphing an opening. 

Yeah. Love requires vulnerability. We all want to love one another. We all want everyone to love everyone. You fools. The first law of man is self-preservation.  

Why does anyone need anyone?  Weakness. Dependency. Need. Pure need. You can lie to yourself and say you want to be with someone. No, deep inside the truth is you need it. If desire kicks in, it’s a need. It’s far beyond a want

In the end, life makes every choice easy if you let it. If someone tells you they’re crazy, don’t assume they’re being polite or cute. Take them at their word. Run. Or sleep with one eye open, but don’t assume anything other than to take them at their word. 

Life is no test drive. Time travel doesn’t exist. There are no do-overs. Decisive decisions pay dividends — or they give you more time to fix your mistake later instead of traveling to a dead end. 

As for me. It may have taken me far too long by half but I’ve found that in the past couple years since the single greatest betrayal in my life, that instance was no different than one I suffered in my twenties and later came to the same conclusion. I had poison in my life and I was just far too emotionally invested to see the forest for the trees. 

And yet, all these years later, I allowed my sense of human kindness to act as ‘integrity’. 

It’s a new day.  You know what to do. Do you have the temerity to do it? As for me. I finally don’t care what anyone thinks. 

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