The Value Of Words


Words have the power to both destroy and heal.

When words are both true and kind, they can change our world.
— Buddha

It’s funny I remember someone once telling me, “I said it because it’s true!” And I answered, “Just because it’s true doesn’t make it nice.”   Words show the value of character. Words have value, but who among us put a value on words?

Here are some words I think are invaluable… “I was wrong.”  Now, how many times do you EVER hear those words?  I’d have been grateful in my life to have only heard, “Mea culpa”.  Perhaps these words say it best, however: “Most people would learn from their mistakes if they weren’t so busy denying they made them.”

Words are worth so much and yet worth so little to those that don’t heed them. What are words worth to you? Words like, “I miss you …so much.”   Or words such as “Help me.”  Or even words like, “Never again.”  They are so short, but carry so much impact and meaning when they are meant from the heart.

Such words are supposed to have meaning.  The world is in atrophy from lies …In this world of people that mean so little of what they say, in this world where only the strong survive, we all forget words that should have meaning or stay with us always. We limit ourselves to situational awareness.  Words are forgotten once said.

Words like, “I will always love you” have become disposable and trite.  Words like “I will never love again” have no impact and are comprehendible to anyone in this world we live in today.  Why should anyone bother to utter them, why should anyone care to think them if they can’t take you beyond that moment.  For instance, how many of you would take seriously the importance of “I do.”  You know what I mean.  For some of us, the words I do are equal to the Spanish Prisoner.

Words. Words are only words and in the world, we live in today only actions, repeated actions speak. And sometimes actions are more deceptive than words. Yet the lexicon of action is what truly speaks to the mind of the modern man.  I’ll sum it like this, “If there is bitterness in the heart, sugar in the mouth won’t make life sweeter.”

Words. I spend countless hours typing from time-to-time expressing my philosophies, waxing poetic, telling my stories.  And what are they worth to you? 

Do words move us into action?  

Do words have meaning beyond the time you read them? 

Do words give you sustenance? 

Do words give you comfort?  Peace of mind?  

Do words have any meaning to you? 

What is it that makes you stop? 

What is it that makes us stop? 

To see life for what it really is and to bend our emotions? 

What is it that gives you purpose and reason in times of trouble and times of confusion? 

What sees you through the darkest times?

Words can teach and sometimes change your opinion. Try this… will these words affect you now?

Is the mightiest sword
Forgiveness of those you fear
Is the highest reward
When they bruise you with words
When they make you feel small
When it’s hardest to take
You must do nothing at all…
— Jane Eyre.

Do words have any worth to you?  Do words like “I wish for a time when things were right” help at all?  Or do they have absolutely no meaning to you? 

Only those of us with a moral compass can be reached with words.  Words may only reach those not suffering from anemia of character.  Only those of us that know the feelings that words define are affected by the words they read or hear.  The word “love” has no meaning to anyone that has never felt it. And I don’t mean the love of one’s self, I mean agape the love of charity, and is pure.  Sadly we can all be fooled by words, and worse yet some of us are fooled by actions, better known as a ruse.  And once again a word such as ruse is helpful for us to understand a situation or put something into perspective

There are so many words I could speak of, love is merely perhaps the strongest yet the most lost of all words in this modern world. 

So what are words worth?  Like “trust me” or “I know the truth about you”.  Do they haunt you?  DO they have meaning in your world?  Words such as what I just quoted take two different directions but should have a dramatic impact either way.  Yet as you read them if they were uttered to you, would you care? Would you be affected by those words?

What are words worth? Words like, “Be careful what you ask for, you may get it.” Those words should have meaning but without a moral compass the people that should take something from them, gain nothing.  

So there is your answer.  Without a moral compass, those of us with anemia of character… to these type people words are worth nothing.  And here are words that only if you have a moral compass should you care about…  “If you have nothing inside you to feel pain, you never know the true feeling of pleasure.”  …What are those words worth?  To you, and with that, I close this article with these final words —

“Never miss a good chance to shut up.”

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