The Power Of Positive Energy


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To know me is to know I believe in the power of positive energy. It’s more than just positive thinking, a key element.  Positive energy for me is about the mood or state of mind you bring to the situation.  Positive energy is a belief system that manifests itself into action and attitude.


While many of my articles are written in the hopes that you the reader can reflect and take something away from what I’ve experienced or think into your own life, today I want to give you all some straight-out advice.  Today’s article is advice.


I recall years ago going to work for a person that I thought was very smart. He said once, “I can’t work around her; she brings into the room so much negative energy.”  It was then I realized that people affect people in everyday life.  Then I thought about how I could affect myself with positive energy.  


Positive energy is what makes the difference in your day.  One person can make a difference in other people’s lives when they enter a room with positive energy.   In reverse, a person or people with negative energy can bring a whole team of people or a family down.  But that is my point; the energy one person brings into a situation can positively or negatively affect those people they are in direct contact with.  And I like to think that we can make things better, so I take the tack in life of positive energy.


Understand too that positive energy is not just someone being busy, fast-paced, or meticulous.  While those traits can be great in the realm of positive energy, they can be just plain nasty when utilized by a person with negative energy.  Although I can’t help with people that bring to your life negative energy (other than to say use positive energy to combat them), I can help you make you a better person through positive energy.  In light of all this, you should know that positive energy does beget energy.  It does motivate, it does get you moving.  That is the point. It makes things better.

Positive energy doesn’t just grease the wheels, it adds octane to the gas. It gives you more resolve to muscle through the tough stuff. It keeps you thinking that things can be done in dire circumstances. It keeps your mind and those around you believe that what you hope to accomplish will be accomplished.


I’m somewhat of a reformed idealist in that I have learned that I may not be able to change the world single-handedly, but I can change myself.  I can dress any way I want, I can be any class of person I elect to be and I can be anything I believe in myself to be.  That lesson I learned in high-school of all places.  I noticed there were jocks, pot-heads, preps, and all types.  And they dressed a certain way. I examined my own look. I thought about how I cut my hair and so much more.  It was in high-school I wrote songs like “Change the man” and “Wednesday Week”, songs about making your own personal change and how it is entirely possible to remake yourself when necessary. I say this to you now because as you read this, you need to know you too can change your life at any time. If what I say is true then you can begin today using positive energy.

I’m one of those guys that believe those good things can happen to you, but you have to put yourself in the path of good things so they can happen to you.  So please understand that if you decide to take this path of positive energy it is a process. Change for adults especially can be hard.  I believe you will find that if you decide to get up tomorrow and keep the promise of using positive energy all day you will see immediate results.


I recall a new story once about a bus driver that said to everyone that got on his bus every day, “have a great day!” with a big smile.  He told of how his upbeat nature affected everyone he touched, even if it was for just a moment. I learned from that news piece that he was such positive energy that he commonly put his passengers into a good mood which affected the rest of their day. That is positive energy at work.  It does work.  Keep in mind; he was sincere in what he did, if you are a phony in your efforts of positive energy I think people will know. In short, you have to honestly believe in positive energy for it to work.

In closing, if you are a friend, family member of mine (Hi Cindy!), or long time reader, you know I’ve come from a situation where my own positive energy was stifled.   I realize that positive energy can be overcome by negative energy. I’m not asking you to prance around like a fairy believing that love conquers all or good will always triumph over evil or for you to live outside the reality in your own life.  But how you approach your life will make a difference.

I realize life is more complicated than just saying, “duh… OK, I’m gonna get out there today and get ’em!”  You all have your own complicated lives where behind the door of your home people would be surprised to learn you have your own problems. But what you do now must be for you.  If you can do what I’m saying, you will find that for every day you use positive energy, that day will have been one of the better ones in your life.  Positive energy can be used just one day with immediate results, but if you make it a long term part of your life, so much more can happen for you. I think I’m living proof.

My friend Keith taught me years ago, “Lars, it’s what you make it.”  I’m telling you all now; life is what you make it.  Please, go out there and use positive energy.

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