You Can’t Live Without Courage


You cannot love without courage. Anyone can love during the good times. Loving someone when they are not at their best or during a life struggle takes courage.  It means you have to admit to yourself that you care for someone that is no longer measuring up to your standards.  Perhaps blunter, at that time of their weakness or not measuring up as I said prior, that person in your eyes is no longer as “good as you”.  It can be hard to care for someone that you feel is less than you. 

It takes courage to stay the course of love and see through a tough time with the foresight that better days are ahead.  There can no better satisfaction than to be able to say to yourself, not the one you love but to yourself that we made it through the worst of times. Morally you stand on higher ground.

Love takes forgiveness. I’ve spoken about this in many other articles. The courage to love someone takes an element of forgiveness because, without it, your love will erode into contempt. But this article is not about love’s forgiveness.  It is about the courage to love.    Love is such a hard word.  Love for another person separates that person in your world from all others. You place the person you love in a space where they are held to a standard different from all others. They see you and you see them at times when you are not always nice

Love is so complex.  Very few people have the moral compass to really love. Oh, they think they are capable of love but their view of love is based on their own selfish needs and therefore they don’t abide by the same standards in love that genuine lovers live by. 

For instance, there are people that cheat on spouses or lovers. There are people that don’t have compassion, and certainly people that place more value on money than they do the simple bond of time in a relationship.  There are many other examples.  

Love takes courage. Courage that enables you to sacrifice leads to the greatest appreciation for the person you love.  Love is about forgiveness, sacrifice and so much more. It is about seeing the true beauty of someone’s soul, of the beauty inside another person. How many times have you looked at a man or woman and thought, “Wow, he/she is beautiful!” Only to go, “Oh no.” To yourself after they utter only a few words.  Beauty is often discounted by ugliness on the inside. 

Love is not easy and it should be a hard word.  Uttering a hard word ironically demands a softness in a tone that can only come from what is inside your soul. Each time you say it, you know the emotion is real as you understand and accept the responsibility that comes with it. Perhaps after all this has been said, the reality is your courage comes so easily when you do in fact truly love that person.

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