Instructional Guide

I’ve played paintball for over fifteen years becoming a true Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the paintball industry.  I’ve produced hundreds of HOW TO videos on YouTube. Some players are most receptive to written instruction.    

Written between May 2019 and August 2019.  Edited by two separate editors. 

I personally managed the page layout and design.  Photos by Matt Urban under my art direction.  The cover art’s goal is to show the brand (DangerMan) within a real woodsball paintball environment wearing clothes average paintballers wear. Street clothes mixed with paintball gear. This also had the goal of illustrating the game is accessible to anyone and not an exclusive club.

Title and add copy (tagline) by yours truly. 

The book is written in a conversational tone without insulting the reader. It walks the player through a game, moving downfield (or up), pointing out all the tactics you should use along the way. 

Available in digital format: $12.95 (PDF) at DangerMan’s Lair Digital Magazine.  The full-color print version is $24.95 through Amazon.

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