A 90’s band that started off with five members, Lars, Keith, Fran, Chris, and Mike. 

Upon forming, the band recorded its first song, Roses Are Red which aired on Philadelphia radio station WMMR in a mere 17 days. 

The band practiced three days a week and sometimes four and five until finally playing out live after eight months of rehearsing. 

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Hard To Get endeared itself to a University of Delaware radio station DJ. As the band recorded music and played live gigs, the station quickly aired the band with many interviews. 

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The band produced many original songs. It recorded a second song at the Philadelphia Art Institute.  Forced Fate. It did not meet out the sound and tone from practice sessions and ultimately, negatively impacted the band’s future.


It’s a song with lifetime meaning. 

His brother took his life at age 37. Lars was 27.  It left him in a state of guilt, questioning his faith. Lars grew to eschew fatalism embracing free will. Destiny had little meaning. Lars found a strange middle ground as if yin and yang spoke to him on the subject. Fate could be guided at best. To this end, the song Forced Fate came to be. 

You can’t make a woman love you, but you can put yourself in her path to find you. To that end, you force fate.

More lyrics are in the blog section. 

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