setting a guiness book world record

2013 was a hell of a year. From covering Firefly Festival and Tough Mudder to being flown to California to be on TV, it all culminated in the personal success that enhanced my marketing acumen.  Oh, and I also broke all five metatarsals in my foot at years’ end. It was a hell of a year.

Moreover, the popularity of the DangerMan brand in paintball on YouTube gained the attention of TV show producers in Hollywood. They took notice that my instructional videos dealt with meta-issues such as off the field antics. 

However, I dealt with them respectfully with safety in mind. I had shown I could even catch a paintball coming at me from hundreds of feet away. This spawned the question, “Could I catch more than the current world record holder in under one minute?” 

After I had proven my ability with an unpublished video for the producers, the executives at the network decided to fly me out to L.A.. All expenses paid. 

Despite my video showing I broke the world record, (I doubled it) I didn’t break the record at the recording of the show. I arrived at the studio, I made two critical changes that cost me a place in the record books. I thought nothing of it at the time but as they say, live and learn. 

The fact is I wanted to respect the sport I represented and my brand would suffer had I not made the two changes I mentioned. I was fine with this too. I had video proof from prior recordings I had set the record and having an official record of my accomplishment was not a life goal. My integrity held, and my brand continued to flourish. 

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THE HOLLYWOOD EXPERIENCE | protecting my brand

I learned a lot! While I was vigilant in avoiding being set up for framed out-of-context moments that could embarrass me later, I also spent time with the show producers to learn more about trade craft. I also truly enjoyed meeting other talent from around the world and took in the sights of sunny California in the summertime. I even took my inline skates and left my hotel to explore the area. 

In the end, I felt as if I passed an important test in caring for a brand. The name DangerMan stands up years later with great respect. No thanks to some trolls! (An entire chapter could be written on dealing with trolls.)

Would I do it again? Yes. Life is no test drive.

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