As an author, it’s hard to call this anything other than a romance. A romance set against corporate espionage. The publisher will undoubtedly sell it as a sci-fi with a romantic element. 

Aeroplane City is no dystopian teen novel, however, those types of readers may also find solace within it.


A romance set against corporate espionage in a city that practices isolationism, 1000 years into the future. A time called, The Halcyon Age, with a world at peace but at the price of human emotion where love is transactional. Dalton and Araby meet in the Sad Cafe to experience love-at-first-sight. Will their bond get them through the hell of corporate death dealers?  


Aeroplane City is as much a character in the story as the assorted players within it. Readers who enjoy the world-building aspect the characters exist within will be well rewarded. 

Few will escape a daily read without an inescapable desire to live in such a place.  To this end, they will be drawn back to travel alongside the people serving in Aeroplane City.


Aeroplane City began as a short story. It’s ending is already written. The last line is the perfect unspoilable spoiler. 

Standing in the rain never felt so much like the sun.

Dalton Vres

How can an author do that to a reader?  Easy. Curiosity of something that cannot be ruined. 

When the short story ended, there was one thing missing. That was all the details I had seen within Aeroplane City that could have been.

Years burned. So did the feeling inside that more could be told because it was something beautiful. More than just how the city was nestled in a high valley, Aeroplane City had a culture, class system, etiquette, and more. 

It was as if a perfect world could exist. Of course, to every yin there is yang. There is no free lunch. There is no perfect man. 

Telling this story became a case of peeling back the layers of an onion. Each year I’d make thousands of words in progress while finding that as I’d reach chapter 17, and then later chapter 32, it was necessary to go back and re-write continuity errors in chapter 2 and 9, etc… 

At first, this was no serious problem. But as months became years, I realized. I may be writing this for me, it really can’t be a life’s workpiece. 

Still, with so many interests in my life, life gets in the way. Until I’m a published author with a publisher and audience to answer to, this first endeavor can be one that I deliver in my own time. Because in the end, Aeroplane City is a novel I always intended to write for an audience of one. Me. I mean to say, I’m writing for the love of the story, not to meet a publisher deadline. 

Want to know what the Halcyon Age is in detail? You can learn all about Aeroplane City. It has an extensive glossary with a blog section with story updates. You are cordially invited to join the mailing list.

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