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How to Turn a $100,000 a Year Business into a $1,000,000 a Year Business
  • November 5, 2018

It was as some will say, the early days of the Internet. Email was then spelled E-mail. Modems and tube monitors were everywhere. Phones could hardly text.

Delaware is an island in the greater metropolitan business community. Looking for work in Delaware amounts to searching the “greater Philadelphia market”.  Finding great employment near home was my goal. I responded to an advertisement from a known up-and-coming Internet provider in the Delaware market. It was a local company. It made my day. But before I arrived at my interview, I had a plan. I saw everything in my mind. I had been researching this market for months.

The company was called The Magnetic Page, or MagPage for short. I wasn’t excited by the name, but the name did separate them from the rest of the landscape where most every name include Earth, Globe, Net, or Fast.

What mattered most was the nascent industry this company was a part of. They were babes in the woods. I arrived in a suit and tie. My interviewer and prospective superior had on tattered jeans. He wore no shoes. He even propped them up on his desk from time-to-time. It was quite a sight.

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