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Should You Lose Your Job For Being A Jerk?
Have SJW's Gone Too Far?
  • June 18, 2018

Is Being A Jerk Cause for Job Loss?

Social Justice. It’s a modern term but has been around since time has begun. It’s been social commentary fodder for books marking its place in time. Think The Scarlet Letter, published in 1850.  The term mob rules and vigilante justice are forms of social justice. How often are those terms associated with the moral high ground?

Social Justice in 2018 has reached a point where it has potentially become unbalanced in how the accused are punished.

We are speaking of how men or anyone is punished for their civil behavior and societal transgressions when their behavior has not crossed the line into a criminal act.

The Me Too movement began as a good thing. It rooted out horrible men that used power over women. It’s wrong, no one should deny that. Since Me Too’s inception in 2017 it has spawned a new type of social justice, that is making the act of being a jerk cause for extreme punishment.

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