Expert In Digital Media Marketing

Strategic planning is part of my everyday life. Weekly content development averages 4 content marketing articles, 4 matching A/B campaigns across all major social media via Hootsuite and 4 new UTM’s analyzed daily for remarketing

As a 7 year expert in cross platform social media content management I can answer to any request for documentable, quantifiable results in building social channels

My results of consistent page one SERP success are drawn from creating 100’s of content pages as a self-sufficient content source creator

As a part of your team you will gain an internal content source, self-sufficient in web application production and capable of generating end-to-end content.

My expanded skill set far exceeds CMS offering 10+ years graphic design, video production and video editing. Public speaker with top notch presentation skills. Writer, published author

Provide direct customer care to global accounts managing a 10,000 domain name intellectual property portfolio

• A/B testing
• Adobe Creative Suite
• Auditing Manager
• Brand Analytics
• Brand Protection
• Business Administration
• Client Relationship Management
• Content Marketing & Strategy
• Copyright Law, Protection, Enforcement
• Customer Service
• Digital Brand Enforcement
• Digital Brand Protection
• Digital Marketing
• DNS (Domain Name Service)
• Domain & Page Authority
• Email Marketing
• Event Tracking
• Facebook Ads
• Google Adwords
• Google Analytics
• Google Search Console
• Google Tag Manager
• Hootsuite

• Intellectual Property Analysis
• Intellectual Property Law
• Intellectual Property Research

• Long Form Articles
• Mailchimp
• Manage Paid Advertisements
• Marketing Analytics
• Media Marketing
• Photography
• Photoshop
• Podcast Production
• Project Management
• Relationship Building
• Research
• SEMrush
• Social Media Management
• Social Media Marketing
• UTM Tracking
• Video Production & Editing
• Web Applications
• Web Content
• Website Management
• WordPress & Modules