YouTube 15 Million Views

Video Production

YouTube 15 Million Views

As an early adopter of visual SEO, this YouTube channel project turned into a profitable channel partner with YouTube. The popularity of the brand “DangerMan’ as a personality pushed my skills beyond that of an on-air personality, educator and promoter. Years of visual communication skills in nuanced graphic illustration and video editing skills followed.

Now with over $10,000.00 in video equipment, more bleeding edge experimental efforts are underway which include not only 360 VR video, broader use such as moving 360 VR video is being perfected.

Uniformity and common threads in design are huge in the thumbnail game.

Combining Social Topics

Leveraging your medium with current events, social topics and trends is a great way to keep a channel fresh, but it can often mean your material is dated. The success of the DangerMan channel is predicated on a 90/10 formula.  Ninety percent of all content is designed to have a long term life. Ten percent is dateable or may be viral by design.

The Popular YouTube VIdeo Secret

With 9+ years of successful YouTube experience established, knowledge of the secrets required for producing a popular YouTube. New challenges arise from popularity leading to more advanced secrets in success.