Under the brand, DangerMan, there have been many long-standing relationships in cross-promotion and sponsorships. Current 5 full sponsorships are in place with Dye Paintball as the marquee sponsor. Dye is the biggest and most respected name in the industry and has only ever sponsored two players outside of professional tournament play.

Promoting Sponsors

Each sponsor is treated with great care and respect. Promotional initiatives are submitted to each for an opportunity in participation. Sponsors are vetted by product use to ensure endorsement integrity.

Dye Paintball


Manufacturer of the paintball guns and softgoods. Dye has stood the test of time as one of only a few manufacturers of paintball gear from the earliest days of the sport in the 1980s. Dye Paintball is located in San Diego California.

Ninja Paintball


Manufacturer of paintball air tanks & regulators. Ninja is regarded as the stand-out front runner in customer service related to air tanks. Ninja proudly makes all its product in the US,  located in Crystal Lake, Illinois.

Dyzana Sports


Producer of team clothing, softgoods, and custom clothing designs. Dyzana is centered around a unique graphic design approach separating them from all other makers. Dyzana is located in Pemberton New Jersey.



Manufacturer of highly durable vinyl decals and stickers for teams, individuals or businesses, and organizations. 187pb makes extremely customizable graphics for paintball gear. Located in Wallice Missouri.



Patch-Werk makes custom durable injection molded rubber patches which attach by standard hook & loop velcro. for any industry and are completely machine washable. Their process is exhaustive in quality control ensuring every customer gets what they expect. Patch-Werk is located in Seligenstadt, Germany.