Graphic Design

Various Work Examples in Graphic Design Skills

Lars Hindsley & Sarah Allen as Batman and CatwomanGraphic Design

15+ Years of Photoshop expertise. Excellent eye for layout.  Compelling composite skills for editorializing, cloning and removing unwanted, distracting elements. Special attention is giving to contrast and integrating matching light elements. Animated images, advertising layout, video elements, puppet warping, ratios,, full posters, most every concept has been tackled.

Team Uniform | Design

Full design skills employed. Branding, layout, compositing and vendor management.


Stylized photo | Technique: Loma

Loma seen in a before and after.

Image Manipulation | Composite Removal

Composite Element Removal

Distracting elements digitally removed.

Composite Imaging

Composite Imaging

Masking and light angles are matched with consistent white balance.

Composite Imaging

Graphic Treatments such as these require detailed masking and color balancing. Many small details are considered such as the lenses on the subject below.

Composite Imaging