Aeroplane City

The Halcyon age.  One thousand years in the future the world is once again new.

It’s romance set against corporate espionage in a city that practices isolationism. Aeroplane City.

Aeroplane City is a passion project years in the making.  The city is character itself in an expansive world.

Protagonist Dalton Vrees meets the woman he swore he could never meet in a city where only they could fall in love.

In a love at first sight meeting at the Sad Café it’s a classic story of boy meets girl, boy loses girl.  Does boy get girl back?

Meanwhile the world in which Dalton lives dictates a change he cannot control. He becomes a corporate vigilante of sorts. He becomes DangerMan.

This novel is well over three quarters finished (over 100k words) with a final draft expected  spring of 2019.  Pending the editorial process a 2020 publishing date is estimated.

You may read an excerpt at