The Future has the Last Laugh

  • May 16, 2018

What is it that we all yearn for in our lives?

The answer? Control.

We are all just one breath away from losing everything, from our health and jobs to love.  Life is fragile, we long to control our destiny. As for money,  we try and earn money to ensure our future, to give us control over the future.

Many of us we can’t let go of the need for control.  And why should we?

We all have an agenda.  We live our lives by our needs and desires.  Morality plays some part for some of us, while for others — getting from point A. to point B. has no rules.

All of these lives are points in time crossing each other affecting the control of others over one another destiny.   A car crash could mean a loved one won’t come home today.  A heart attack could leave the breadwinner of a family out of work affecting everyone, opening a path for someone else.

In my life — I admit I cannot control everything.

You can’t make a woman love you but you can put yourself in her path to find you.  In that, you force fate.

While I work for survival,  I don’t allow the lack of control in some areas to affect the happiness I seek.

We all look to the future with very little true consideration. Some of us have well laid out plans. Some of us have an agenda playing everyone as mere pawns.

But in the end, the future has the last laugh.

About Lars Hindsley

A man from the east.