What’s With the Name DangerMan?

  • April 25, 2018

You may be asking, why do you call yourself DangerMan? That is a very good question. I have an answer. In short, DangerMan is an unintentional moniker.

Here is the story behind it.

Years ago I began a YouTube channel with the intention of helping others by producing HOW TO videos. I wanted the privacy of Lars Hindsley kept intact. Since my videos were of an active life, the name DangerMan worked. So where did I get the name DangerMan? I borrowed this name from a novel of my own creation, Aeroplane City. You can read part of it for free if you like at AeroplaneCity.com.

Of course many years later, Lars Hindsley has become synonymous for many with DangerMan. It’s a name I reluctantly adopted as a suitable alternative to Lars. After all, I like my name Lars, which is by the way not a nickname for Lawrence. It’s Scandinavian of course but the nickname for Lars is Lasse. Ironic that a nickname is longer than a given name.

You may call me DangerMan. Many do. From the world of video games, inline skating and of course paintball, it’s a name I’ve learned to appreciate and love. To enjoy my videos, please visit YouTube.com/DangerManXX. While I don’t have the username of DangerMan, mine is DangerManXX, I am fortunate enough to be the most popular DangerMan on YouTube. I trust one day the character I’ve created from Aeroplane City will be the DangerMan everyone best knows and enjoys. I believe that.

About Lars Hindsley

A man from the east.