Lars Hindsley Byline Bio

I’m Lars. I’m a writer at heart. While I enjoy working with my hands and doing everything from playing outdoors to sewing my own clothes, my greatest passion is writing. I enjoy words. Mostly philosophical, but even pop culture holds my interest.

I’ve enjoyed writing in an effort to change minds to see things through clear new eyes.

As a front of a band in my youth I’ve rewritten many of my own poems into  lyrics for songs that have been recorded. Still my greatest achievement is my novel, Aeroplane City. There is always more to come as the journey is the reward but it truly satisfying to build a world in which my characters live. In fact, Aeroplane City itself is a character. I did say in so many words I love to build things.

Published articles are all over. Here is a link to one the Huffington Post Picked Up: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/11/24/demi-moores-photoshopped_n_369057.html